Goal update

Baseline: 45

December 2017: 52

2030 Goal: 85

The Medical Center seeks to foster a culture of sustainability. To gauge the health and development of this culture, the Medical Center conducted a Sustainability Engagement Survey. The survey combines metrics on knowledge and perceived behavior to determine a single score between 0-100.

The Medical Center last conducted a survey in 2017, in which an improvement over the baseline was recorded. The next survey is planned for 2019.

2018 Efforts

Earth Month Activities.

An entire month of events were held to commemorate Earth Day. All month, Medical Center employees pledged to take simple actions toward improving their environmental impact as part of the Drawdown EcoChallenge. The Medical Center ranked 40th in the nation in this challenge!

Staff and students brought in more than 16,000 pounds of material to recycle, including shredded paper, TVs/Monitors, VHS tapes, and other electronics at the annual recycling event. Cleaning and personal care product recipes were shared, organizations and non-profits shared their resources at the “Sustainability Expo”, and Arbor Day was celebrated with a tree planting and giveaway.

LiveGreen Ambassadors.

The LiveGreen Ambassadors support the Medical Center’s mission to lead the world in creating a healthy future for all by fostering a culture of sustainability on campus.  With training and support from the Office of Sustainability, the LiveGreen Ambassadors continue to integrate sustainability into the culture of the Medical Center by modeling behaviors, providing colleagues with information, and helping individuals implement sustainability initiatives.

The number of LiveGreen Ambassadors continues to grow and two training sessions were held last year, as well as several campaigns throughout the year to move forward on sustainability goals.

2019 Projects

Sustainability Engagement Survey.

Medical Center employees will be asked to participate in a survey in 2019 that will be used to gauge sustainability engagement progress against a 2014 baseline.

LiveGreen Ambassadors.

Two training sessions will provide LiveGreen Ambassadors an opportunity to learn more about sustainability at the Medical Center, deepen knowledge in key sustainability topics, and plan LiveGreen campaigns to engage people across campus in sustainable actions.

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